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The parents Journey

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it quickly sends the entire family into a place of feeling scared and very overwhelmed.

Not ONE parent is prepared for the day they are told “your child has cancer.” In some cases, the child is sent immediately to the hospital to start receiving chemotherapy to stop the spread.

This very quickly creates a situation where one parent is forced to stop working as the hospital visits, and frequent appointments, makes it almost impossible to work. This can create an inability to pay for things like food, electricity, and housing expenses, not to mention the medical bills that keep going up.

Many studies have shown that families with a child diagnosed with cancer may have to cut back on the hours they work, or leave their job completely.

Both of which can affect their health insurance coverage.

Parents have been found to report significant worsening of all their own health behaviors, including poorer diet and nutrition, decreased physical activity, and less time spent engaged in enjoyable activities 6 to 18 months following their child’s diagnosis.

Below are a few hardships families face while fighting cancer treatment with their child.

  • Patients may not take their medicine as directed so they can save money.
  • They may miss treatments due to costs or can’t afford transportation.
  • They may not be able to meet their dietary needs.
  • Financial challenges can lead to bankruptcy leading to a lower quality of life.
  • They may experience more depression and poor mental health due to the money worries.
  • They may become less social.